San Jose Wedding Photographer: Lizzy & Matt at Trinity Cathedral & The Corinthian Ballroom

I knew I was going to love Lizzy and Matt from the first moment I sat down for a glass of wine with them at Vino Vino in San Jose.  A conversation about their wedding plans quickly turned to a discussion of our shared experiences working in fashion design, and then just as quickly to hilarious stories of our misspent youths and our shared love of cheesy 80’s hair metal.   The two of them share the same perfectly timed sarcastic wit, and it is impossible not to be totally taken with them.

They got married just after New Years at Trinity Cathedral in San Jose, with a reception around the corner at the Corinthian Ballroom with its beautiful Art Deco ceilings.  Not at all a traditional bride, Lizzy opted for a gorgeous beaded evening gown and antique jewelry that worked perfectly with the space, and after countless trials found Teri Lacro at to do her incredibly elegant up-do.  At the end of the day though, it was really a wedding that was all about the party, and I can’t remember having seen such an epic dance floor before or since.  And while it’s hard to imagine either of them putting into words exactly how they feel about each other without laughing at the corniness of it all, the way that they looked at each other all night said it better than any words possibly could.  They’re two people who have found their perfect counterpart, and I can tell that they are going to have an amazing life together that will never be boring, even for one second.

A huge thanks to their awesome wedding planner Erin, whose seamless work let us all relax and enjoy the day, as well as to the always incredible Big Fun DJ’s who never fail to deliver an amazing dance floor.

Many congratulations, you two, and I can’t wait until you move back from Chicago!

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