San Francisco Wedding Photographer: Lisa & Zach at Westwood Country Club in St. Louis

I first met Lisa and Zach at her brother’s wedding a few years ago.  They were having such a great time together that it came as no surprise when Lisa and Zach announced their engagement, and I could not have been more excited to be a part of their wedding.

I have always remembered Lisa’s parents as the kind of couple that we all hope to to be when we grow up.   When you see the way they look at each other after more than 30 years of marriage, all you can think is “so this is what happily ever looks like.”  And I suspect that one day the world will be looking at Zach and Lisa and thinking the same exact thing.

Lisa and Zach had met on their very first day of college, and they had an instant and magical connection.  From watching the two of them on their wedding day, it’s clear that has only gotten stronger with time.  Zach could hardly take his eyes off his gorgeous bride, and Lisa lit up with a smile whenever he caught her eyes.   It’s easy to see they were truly in love.

Neither the bride nor the wedding could have been more beautiful.  Lisa, who is a professional stylist (and it shows!) and her mother came up with the vision of their perfect wedding, and they achieved it and more.  With help from a talented team made up of coordinator Kathleen of Cosmopolitan Events, florist Tony Montano of Buds St. Louis, and event producer Sam Foxman of Evntiv, they transformed the room: orchids dripped from the chuppah, flowers covered an entire wall of Westwood Country Club, dramatic lighting lent the space a warm glow.   Westcoast Music flown in from LA kept the dance floor packed well into the wee hours and it was a fun a party as it was beautiful.  All in all, it was the perfect day.

Wishing you both many years of love and happiness!

Los Angeles & San Francisco Indian Wedding Photographer: Courtney & Rahul at Vibiana

Courtney & Rahul really couldn’t be a more perfect match for each other – kind, warm, and generous, they are also incredibly intelligent, focused, and just really interesting people to talk to.  The two of them met while they were students at UCLA and have been together ever since.  After doing a two-part engagement session with them, first in LA and then in San Francisco where Courtney is from, I could see how happy and perfectly in sync they are together, and I felt so lucky to be a part of their wedding.  Courtney couldn’t have been a more beautiful bride, first in a stunning red lehenga  and then in a white dress for her reception which she designed herself, and Rahul was an equally handsome and stylish groom – it’s not hard to imagine that he works in the music industry.

I had been counting down the days to their wedding ever since I heard the word “elephant” tossed around during our first meeting.  You would expect something like baraat featuring an elephant to be the the highlight of the day, but for me the real highlight came at the very end of the night when Rahul’s father gave me a kiss on the forehead at the end of the night.  I’ve always said that my favorite thing about South Asian weddings – and believe me there is a long list to choose from – is the incredible sense of family.  And it was at that moment that I felt like a part of it.  More than just a union of two people, this was a union of two families.  Both mothers were so overjoyed that they were practically glowing, and you could see how thrilled everyone, bride, groom, siblings, and parents, were to be joining families.   The joy on all of their faces is something I can’t even begin to describe, so I’ll just let my photos do the talking for me.

Their wedding was held in downtown Los Angeles at at one of my all-time favorite venues, Vibiana.  Originally a cathedral, it was decommissioned after sustaining major damage in the Northridge quake of 1994, but was luckily saved by a team of developers who painstakingly repaired and restored it, turning it into a one of a kind event space.  Courtney & Rahul’s incredible planner, Amana from Kismet Event Planning and Design did a spectacular job, and with lighting and decor from the unparalleled Amber Event Productions, it couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Courtney’s beautiful henna was done by Nadia at Henna Dil Se,  Have Trunk Will Travel provided the elephant for the Baraat, and Nick from Legacy DJ kept the dance floor packed all night – I mean really, when was the last time you saw dancing like this?

Congratulations you two, and may the rest of your life be filled with as much joy as your wedding day!