Berkeley Engagement Session: Jennifer & Will at UC Berkeley & a Pier at the Ferry Building

My better half, Gavin, and I got in a bit of a tussle over who would get to shoot Jennifer & Will’s wedding at Clos LaChance next August.  She contacted both of us within a few hours of each other and we could tell right off the bat that they were going to be an awesome couple.  And so, it is with not an insignificant amount of (good-natured) gloating that I present their engagement session.

Could I love Jennifer more?  Don’t think so.  Could she be any cuter?  Yeahhh… definitely not.  And could she and Will be a more perfect match? Nope.

It seems to happen a lot that I work with lively, feisty brides who have found the perfect counterpart in a slightly more solid, steady anchor of a groom.  Which makes a lot of sense actually.  I’m a little that way myself, and am descended from a lively, feisty mother married to my solid anchor of a father.  Who also happens to be a total riot when you draw him out.

It definitely never gets old though.  Jennifer and Will were a total blast to work with, a mischievous and riot from beginning to end.  I was already looking forward to their wedding after about the second e-mail I got from them, and I’m even more excited now.

We started at UC Berkeley where they met when they were both students.  Jennifer used to work at the Doe Library on campus, and got in touch with the staff there who were kind enough to let us sneak in an hour before it opened, so that we could have the North Reading Room all to ourselves.  We worked our way through campus, with passed notes, some old-fashioned chalkboard disciplinary exercises, a cup of coffee at Caffe Strada (where the barista just happened to pour a perfect heart – how adorable was that?!), and then raced across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco where we finished up on a pier outside the iconic Ferry Building with the bridge lights twinkling in the background.

And without further ado, the photos!

(…and a quick confidential to Jennifer:  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to sabotage Gav for your date so he can be your second!)

2 thoughts on “Berkeley Engagement Session: Jennifer & Will at UC Berkeley & a Pier at the Ferry Building

  1. Wow, that quite a series of beautiful photo’s ~ they knocked my socks off!!! What a fun couple! They just seem to fit each other so well!! You can feel their love for each other just flowing between them. Great shot’s Grace!

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